Yijia Liu


Transportation Planner (ArcGIS, VISUM, VISSIM, TransCAD, AutoCAD)
Spatial Data Analyst (Python / R / SQL / JavaScript)

Master of City Planning
-University of Pennsylvania
Bachelor of Arts in Urban Studies
-The University of Hong Kong

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Spatial Data Analysis

(RStudio & JavaScript) Scooter Equity & Demand Analysis

(RStudio) Seattle Parking Demand Prediction

(RStudio) Time/Space Prediction: Bikeshare Trips in NYC

(RStudio) San Francisco Housing Price Prediction

(Python) US Domestic Flight Ticket Price Prediction

(RStudio & ArcGIS) Megaregion Airport Catchment and Customer Leakage Effect

(RStudio) Geospatial risk modeling: Chicago narcotics crime

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